Markus Pilenvik - TRMS/Tools & Utilities

With previous experience from developing software for payments primarily invoicing, what made you chose Toptracer?

The technology. Using camera data to find a ball felt like a great engineering challenge. My previous experience was similar using a picture and formulate information from it and try to achieve an 100% accurate result.

Why should people want to work in your team?

Tools & Utilities - You will be like a spider in the web. It is a complex product where small developing jobs can make big difference. The users of your product are your colleges so you will quickly get feedback. Eagles plays an important part in what Toptracer wants to achieve.

TRMS - You will be creating the product used by the end customer, the owners of the driving ranges. TRMS use classic web development and focus on creating as big potential as possible that gives the ranges what they need to make their business thrive. Not the coolest but one of the most important teams within the company.

Favorite moment since your start?

The favorite moment was when I travelled to the Open 2016. Henrik Stenson, the Swedish golf professional was leading the tournament. Me and the team spent the whole time during the tournament in the broadcast bus. But when Stenson prepared himself to hit his last putt the we went to the green to watch it. He put it in the whole and won the competition.

What makes Toptracer a good place to work?

The people, there is a great spirit, and everyone help one another. They are humble before the task.

The best nonrelated activity with the company 

Several conferences have been fun, the trip to Arholma in the Swedish archipelago is a favorite. The trip offered activities and games including Zipline.

Golf experience, on a scale 1-5?

1, I don’t have green card. 

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